Human Resources


Today our quality has been largely the result of systematic development of the company as well as long term planning and selection of personnel of all engineering professions necessary for a wide range of services and areas of activity that we cover. At this moment, we employ 135 experts, with the ability to recruit, if necessary, a significant number of trusted associates for the purpose of preventing capacity overload, or in case we need support in specialized areas such as fire safety, gas detection, video surveillance and similar.

More then one third of our experts are authorized by Croatian Chamber of Engineers. Many of these licenses are internationally recognized and allow us to perform engineering services in other countries in the region such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Continuous education and training of our professionals is part of a planned strategy that has brought results in a way that we now have a number of engineers specialized in area of ​​occupational safety, fire protection, defining the Ex zones, calculations of pressure equipment, preparation of welding technology etc.