IVICOM Consulting Zagreb is a company specialized for consulting, engineering, supervision, project management and construction of various industrial plants as well as for other buildings including infrastructural projects.

History of company dates back to year 1991 when IVICOM GmbH Austria (today IVICOM Holding Austria) has been established as parental company for activities in region. Zagreb Branch Office has been established in year 1999 and since then, despite recession and crises in industry, is starting with expansion by employing new experts and in same time by extending scope of services.
Key of our success is accomplishment of mission that is base of our quality policy: fulfillment of all responsibilities toward clients and employees in due time and continuously improvement of service quality and working standards.

Today, IVICOM Consulting Zagreb is one of the leading engineering companies in region and, concerning scope of services that we are able to offer to our clients, definitely unique and simply different.

Policy of quality, sustainable development, enviroment, social responsibility, health and safety (pdf)